In the beginning of 1950 the company was established under the signature

LOSIMA in hannover. First they have produced lubricants for the phono industry

only, before in 1960 the company name changed in LOSIMOL. Since this time

the company produced special greases for the finemechanical and optical industry.

LOSIMOL lubricants have been used for decades in the manufacture and

service of cameras, objective lenses, binoculars, microscopes measuring

equipment, and in many other products in this field.

The LOSIMOL product range comprises at present more than 400 different types

of special greases, developed and manufactured in accordance with the

requirements of our customes in all parts of the world.



...wir liefern weltweit
...Schmierstoffe für die Labor- und Reinraumtechnik
...Spezialschmierstoffe für Schneckengewinde

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